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What is a Community Hub?

'Community hubs bring together a range of services, provided by a diverse range of organisations into one central community building. From leisure to advice, support and learning, a community hub is there to provide a local area with quality provision in modern and welcoming spaces' - Community Action Partnership Leicestershire

Our Community Hub Model

Partnership Led

Successful community hubs come through successful partnership with the local community, public sector, private sector and voluntary sector.

Community Action Partnership will only enter into the creation of a new community hub where there is the potential for partnership working, including the usage of the community hub by a wide range of external organisations.

Where buildings are owned by the public sector Community Action partnership will seek asset transfer or long term lease agreements to protect the space and develop the hub, if the building is a cost effective proposal and can clearly generate income to sustain its future.

Community Focussed

Community Hubs can only thrive where the local community see the value of the building and engage fully in the development of the hub. This means communities must show passion in retaining a building and developing it to serve their local area with Community Action Partnership.

Where hubs are located in small rural areas Parish Councils are key to ensuring community involvement and supporting community hub buildings managed by Community Action Partnership. In larger urban areas Community Action Partnership will work with the local community in ensuring new hub developments fit the needs of their local community area while being realistic and cost effective.

Diverse and Innovative

Our community hubs provide services for all age ranges and all social and cultural groups. We believe a hub should promote inclusion, social cohesion and community development in everything it does. Services should be innovative, inclusive and targeted toward the needs of the local area.

Professional and Sustainable

Our community hubs have to be sustainable, and that means the hub has to generate income for staffing, development and running costs. A full financial survey of potential costs is conducted prior to a hub development to ascertain cost effectiveness, including maintenance costs. Building that cannot demonstrate income potential will not be considered as potential hubs.

Our hubs are professionally managed by skilled staff who possess the skills to develop community venues.

Bassett Street Community Hub

0116 278 4230
Bassett Street, South Wigston, Leicestershire, LE18 4PE