Review of Befriending Services

Posted: Fri, 17 Jul 2015 13:15 by Neil Baker

Over the next three months CAP will be conducting a full and wide ranging review of our current befriending service.

Befriending has been an extremely successful and much needed service since 2008, however has struggled to keep up with large scale funding challenges in Leicestershire and England as money available has reduced year on year. Currently befriending services cost £30,000 per year to maintain, and receive no funding from local government, depending solely on charitable grants and donations. This will be a full and in depth review exploring its sustainability long term and its ability to fund future development.

This review led by our CEO and Board of Trustees will explore the following key questions;

- The impact of the service since 2008

- The cost of the current model of befriending

- Possible models of reducing costs and improving sustainability

- The role of group work and group support in befriending

- Level of support available from organisations external to CAP

If you have views on the service you would like to express during this review, we would love to hear from you. Please email your views and opinions on the future of the service to (marked befriending review). This review will close for public comments on 31st August 2015

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